Rotary Club Dragon Boat Event Fundraisers

  • Many of our dragon boat event rotary club clients have been booking our services for more than fifteen years proving how popular and successful dragon boat racing is as a fundraiser and how happy our clients are with the service they receive from Gable Events
  • We work with an enormous array of charities, both large and small, city based and rural, and one of our most regular client groups is rotary clubs
  • The excellent contacts and networking that rotary clubs do coupled with Gable Events marketing and fundraising expertise mean that most events are a sell-out and large sums of money are raised for rotary club charities
  • Rotary club members demand high standards and so they are very happy with the professional event and support service they receive from Gable Events
  • Whether your rotary club has 10 or 100 members, a Gable Events dragon boat event fundraiser can be a great success

Some of our rotary clients
Some of the rotary clubs to have benefited from Gable Events dragon boat racing expertise include: Banbury, Bristol Breakfast, Burnley Pendleside, Doncaster St George’s, Hertford Shires, Gloucester Severn, Lunesdale, Northampton, Nene Valley, Wakefield and Worcester South