Bristol Breakfast Rotary Club Dragon Boat Event, Bristol Docks

Bristol Breakfast Rotary Club has chosen Gable Events as their dragon boat event organiser since their first event in 2002. For this event, Gable Events are responsible for the dragon boat racing element of the day and the rotary club organise the venue, catering and side activities. The event takes place at Bristol Docks and is a roaring success each year achieving the maximum 36 crews (racing two sets of three dragon boats), a substantial waiting list and raising a significant sum for rotary club charities.

Since 2002, Bristol Breakfast Rotary Club has raised a net profit of £707,000. The rotary club charges an entry fee of £500 per team (which is usually met by the company or organisation entering the team) and has an additional minimum sponsorship requirement of £1,000 per team (which is usually raised by the individuals within the team and is sometimes matched by their companies).

Bristol Breakfast Rotary Club has always been very impressed with the professional service they receive from Gable Events both on the day of the event and in advance. In the early years the rotary club’s extensive local contacts and networking coupled with Gable Events marketing and fundraising assistance proved to be a winning combination and today the club is in the fortunate position that very little marketing is needed to recruit the teams as many teams take part every year and word of mouth and the waiting list ensures the event is a sell out.

Bristol is frequently voted as one of the top 10 cities in the world and is renowned for its nightlife, music scene, street art and world-leading university. It’s one of our favourite places to visit for dragon boat racing. The colourful harbour-side houses make an attractive backdrop to the Bristol Breakfast Rotary Dragon Boat Event.